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Gastric band Hypnotherapy

Are you seriously considering a gastric band? or are you considering a gentle but effective alternative  treatment? Powerful hypnotic techniques can help you lose weight for life.

The gastric band is becoming increasingly popular,  people are finally realising that diet's don't work and are seriously considering, invasive Gastric band surgery to help them stop over eating and lose weight. I can understand why people are making this choice, with recent media awareness of celebrities such as Fern Britton, admitting she had a gastric band and looking significantly slimmer as a result.

The gastric band will make it very difficult for you to eat, in the same way that you did prior to the band, but the reasons which have led you to gaining the weight will remain the same, these are not addressed. if they are not dealt with, this can make the after effects of a gastric band distressing and quite challenging.

People who have issues with weight, or issues with losing weight, generally do not overeat because they are constantly hungry or greedy as many seem to assume. People with weight loss issues, use food for a variety of reasons, it is quite typical for overeaters to use food to manage emotions such as stress and anxiety, in psychoanalytical terms this is viewed as stuffing emotions down.

In order to get long term result with weight loss, we need to make  changes in our lifestyle; even those who go for the gastric band, will still need to make many changes in thier life to ensure long term sucess.  This is why Fern Britton's claim that healthy eating and exercise, helped her lose weight have elements of truth.

Many people are turning to surgery through desperation, and hoping it will be a quick fix to weight loss. When I  speak to people who have been considering this as an option, they  appear to have very little information about what the gastric band really entails or how it this will really affect them or what the side effects might be.

The Gastric band  works best with people who are ‘volume eaters' - in other words, if you gained weight  by eating very large meals. If a patient has psychological problems that are causing some of the weight gain, they are usually offered a gastric bypass operation - known as stomach stapling.

All surgery has the risk of infection, blood clots and heart attack and this is higher if you are obese. According to the British Obesity Surgery Patient Association, 1 in 2000 people die when having a gastric band fitted and 1 in 10 need further surgery as the gastric band slips.

Many Hypnotherapists and NLP trained Practitioners are advertising that they are offering the  Virtual hypnotic  bands, Gastric bands, After years of working in the field of weight loss and hypnotherapy at my Leicester  based practice, it’s immensely pleasing to see more people are developing an interest in the complex but fascinating specialist of weight loss and weight-related issues.  Using Hypnotherapy to install a virtual Hypnotherapy gastric band has many benefits, it is, of course, a safer, less invasive, no waiting lists, no risks with having an anaesthetic and much much cheaper.

What I would advise you to do is: ensure the Therapist you chose to work with, is willing to help you explore the underlying reasons, behind the issues with food and weight loss. Ensure that they help you identify new ways of thinking, feeling and being, which are in line with what you want.

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